Oriental beauty secrets

Hello dear friends, how are you? Do you enjoy spring? Well, I know, the weather is not really “springy” but it is time for a body detox. Not long ago, I did my self a pleasure with a SPA treatment in a Turkish “hammam”. The feeling was incredible, and I came up with the idea how to feel and do the same at home. Our imagination and creative ideas can bring us to create a “homemade SPA”. Well, let’s enjoy in it.
Secrets of the orient often make us think about the beauty of Turkish women. Of course, ladies from Turkey are well known as the most nourished ladies in the world. How do they manage it. What tricks do they use to accomplish that? You will find all the answers in this post.
Rose water
There is not a single lady in Turkey who does not use rose water in her regular beauty routine. I wrote several times about rose water:

Rose water


Rose water and how to use it during the winter

Also, on my blog you can find different recipes using rose water. Rose water cleans our skin and tones it as well.
Beside the fackt that in Turkey, yogurt is a must and is sered with almost every dish, ladies in Turkey use yogurt as a beauty ingredient. On my blog, you have lots of recipes with yogurt:

Fast regenerative mask


Autumn recovery face mask


Zlata’s fase mask

There are more of them, you can chech by yourself and I am sure you will find something interesting. Why do they use yogurt as a beauty ingredient? Yogurt calms irritated skin, recovers it and soften it
Honey is a beauty elixir and source of youth. I wrote several times about honey which is one of the top natural beauty ingredients. Besides using it in face masks, I use honey in creams, lip balms, etc… In Turkey, honey is also popular as a cosmetic ingredient:

Honey face wash


Honey and coconut milk warm bath

Olive oil
Olive oil is my favorite beauty oil. Not a day pass without me using it. Most of my recipes on the blog have olive oil as an ingredient. Here are some ideas:




I gave you several ideas and I hope I inspired you. Now you can use some of those ideas and here is how:

And as always, I will wish you to be beautiful, nourished and healthy. In my next post, I will share a secret that has been used since the 14th century in Turkish “hammams”