Clean face mask without pimples

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Fall is almost here. During summer time, most of the ladies „forget“ about skincare, specialy ladies with oily or mix type of skin. The reason is probably because of weather conditions and moist in the air, our skin produce more sebum than usual, so they think that skincare is not important during summer time. I heard this from a client and I must admite that I was realy surprised. That is why when fall comes, we must deal with consequences of not taking care of our skin. They manifest to us with dehydrated and grey tired looking skin. Also, acne can „visit“ us in this period and pimples can stay very long on our skin. After we get rid of acne, they leave temporery scars on our face for a long time, sometimes even months. If we do not have hormonal disbalance or any other health problem, most of the pimples are the result of layers of bacteria on our face that cause inflammations. Well, that is one of the causes. Our skin is covered with good bacteria as well and they protect our skin. Yogurt is a natural probiotic and it is very good for our skin as well. If we mix greek yogurt with avocado, we will get the perfect combination for a face mask. Make a thick paste and apply on you face. Keep this mask for about 20 minutes, wash your face with luke warm water and apply your usual nourishing night cream on your face. In case you want to give the best treat to your skin, add half a tea spoon of jojoba oil and several drops of lavander essential oil.
Mix lavender essential oil with jojoba oil and then add it to the face mask. I have to remind you that essential oils can be degrade in oil and this way we will be able to use all of their benefits.
That is all for today. In my next post I would like to share one story with you. During my summer vacations I met one really inspired lady. She spreads soul beauty around herself and smile do not come off her face. I did ask her for her beauty trick …In my next post I will share her answer with you.
Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.
Enjoy, see you soon-)))