Easy face lotion for glowing tan

Hello, how are you? In contact with ladies who ask me some advices on skin care I came up with one conclusion: all women have the same wish, to remain young as long as they can, to look as good as they can and to have clean and glowing skin on their face. All that depend mainly of genetical heritage but there is a way to reach perfection despite a bad genetical heritage. In case you are regular visitor of my blog, you know that I really believe in the power of nature and that the nature is perfect. Nature has rules of its own and in it you may find all the answers to your questions.
Beside the fact that nature has all answers to our questions, all of them are simple. In today’s post, I would like to share with you a realy simple recipe. I have found it a long time ago in a magazine while I was still learning Greek. Back then, I was trying to read Greek fluently and fashion magazines in Greek were the best choice for me. In one of those magazines I found this simple face lotion recipe. I remember, I made it the same day, I used it regulary for some time and I was satisfied with it. In case you have oily or mixed type of skin, with a very oily T zone, you may use it after a green clay mask, the best face mask for oily skin.

Cleopatra’s face mask

Also, it is important, if you have oily or combined type of skin and after using green clay mask, to avoid any cream. The best solution is to leave your skin cream free during the night to get rid of the excess of sebum. Let me remind you, pilings and face masks need to be done in the evening. This lotion that I share today with you, is the best option for oily or mixed type of skin to spray on after the green clay mask. Spray it on your face, neck and neckline and leave it to dry. You can also use this lotion for everyday skin routine, in the morning and at night and it is good for any skin type.
Mix rose and coconut water, 1:1. Pour it in a glass atomizer. Shake it well and your lotion is ready.
Make smaller amounts of lotion to have it always fresh. Shake it every time before using it.
Enjoy all the gifts from nature.
Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.