In spite wrinkles

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Enjoying summer? During summer time, we are all in a good mode, so just about right time to do something nice for yourself. In case you follow me, until now you know that I love easy recipes with quick result.

We all know that our skin is our biggest organ and we need to “feed” her. Also, it is a mislead that being nourished means to take expensive treatments, to invest a lot of time and money. Well, you may invest a lit bit of your time and use foodstuffs that you already have in your kitchen and as final result you will be nourished and healthy. So, let’s glow.

Avocado is my favorite fruit, beside all benefits that it has, it is great for our skin as well. Some studies has showed that people that east avocado on regular base, they are more healthy and their metabolism is faster. So, it is perfect for all of us that we take care of our health and ideal body weight. Avocado is full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats which are necessary for health of our internal organs. Avocado is one of the top anti aging fruits. All vitamins from avocado give us many benefits but vitamin E and A are the main reason that has put avocado at the anti aging throne.

In my previous posts, I shared with you recipes with avocado, one of them you may find here:

Avocado mask

Today, one easy and a lit bit strange recipe. I am sure that all of you had a chance to try mask with avocado in it. We can use everything from avocado, even a peel. Take avocado peel and rub inside all over clean face. It would be ideal to use peeling first and then mask. The same recipe you may do with banana peel, I already wrote about this:

Banana peel

Leave it on for about 15 minutes, wash with luke warm water and then apply your usual night cream. Your cream has to mach your skin type, aging type as well as your age.


You may use avocado mask in case you are not allergic to it. It is recommended to use face mask during night time.

Be beautiful, nurished and healthy.