Oriental beauty secrets II

Hello my dear friends, how are you? As promised in my previous post, I will uncover for you a secret used back in the 14th century as part of a regular every day routine in „harems “all over the Turkish Empire. Beauty is defined in Turkey in a specific way, a little bit different than we are used to in Europe. Beauty is honored with different standards. When a woman is nourished, in the eastern culture, she is beautiful. Through history, many writers wrote about oriental beauty but, somehow, I was impressed by Lord Byron. He was a big fan of Greece and Greek people. He believed passionately in Greek freedom as well as in their independence. He was helping their fight against the Turkish Empire by giving them a lot of money and his time. On the end, he gave to Greece his life. On his grave, it is written:
“I gave her everything.
My time, money….
And now, I am giving to her my life.
What else could I give her?”
He travelled a lot along the Mediterranean coast and discovered the culture of all Mediterranean people. Even though, he was big fan of Greek people, young Turkish girls left him breathless. He was so fascinated by their highly nourished skin and he claimed that Turkish women seduce with their eyes, according to him they were always in a good mood and the greatest seductress in the whole world. What is their secret? I spend a lot of time looking for their beauty tricks and hacks for nourished and glowing skin. We all know that hammam (Turkish bathroom) have an important part in eastern culture. Women in this part of the World were always taking care of their hygiene. Part of daily skin care routine in hammams was salty bath. Salt, beside all minerals that it contains is also great for eliminating bad energy and relaxing. Well, that is probably why they are always in such a good mood, something that even Byron wrote about. Salty bath is easy to make at home. Fill your tub with warm water, add 1 kg of sea salt in it and relax for about 15 minutes, no more than that because all the bad energy that you eliminate from your body will go back after 15 minutes. After the salty bath, in hammam part of the regular routine was the use of a beauty glove hand made with a special kind of fabric. As a replacement for beauty glove, you may use a homemade body scrub. The recipe for homemade body is on my blog:


After you take a bath and do a body scrub, take a cold shower, apply body lotion on your body that will “feed” your skin during the night. In the morning, you will be surprised with your body skin.
Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.