Hollywood mask for neck and neckline

Hello, my dear friends, how are you? Spring is around the corner, step by step we will leave winter clothes behind us, and we will show some skin. It is just the right time to prepare ourselves for spring. Beside our face and hands during warm weather our neck and cleavage are exposed as well. Also, skin on our neck is drier more than any other part of our body. To keep our neck fresh and young longer, face gym is the most important. Hollywood, even though is still in “slavery” of plastic surgery, face gym is becoming more and more popular and is taking a very important place in the lives of some famous divas.
In some of the previous posts I wrote about face gym. Here you may find a link with a video and a post where you can learn several easy exercises to lift and to tone neck muscles:


Neck is a very sensitive part of our body and that is why you need to exercise right and carefully. Also, you need to ask your doctor before exercising. For permanent results, it is necessary to practice every day all the muscles of your face and neck with the whole program La vie sans rides. Online course is available on the blog.
Beside this easy exercise, it is important to take care of your neck and neckline’s skin. You will agree with me; this part of skin is often neglected. Pilling and face mask is very important not only for the face but for this area as well. The recipe I want to share with you today is used by several Hollywood stars to keep the skin hydrated, beautiful and smooth. Before using this mask, it is recommended to do a pilling first.
1 table spoon of butter, if you are a vegan you can use soy butter
2 tea spoons of powdered sugar
1 tea spoon of honey
Mix all ingredients well and apply on a clean neck and neckline.
Keep the mask on for about 20 minutes and in the mature period of life, it is recommended to use it twice a week.
Do not use a metal spoon for the mask because the honey will oxidize.