Magic face cubes

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Today, I give you a post with an easy recipe for you. This recipe will
help you deal with one usual problem. Swollen eyes in the morning is not a rare thing. Beside that it
makes you look tired, it can be a problem you put some make up on. In those cases, mascara and eye
shade can paste and then it looks really ugly and unclean. What is the Solution? In case you want to
solve this problem for good, you should consider doing face gymnastics. I wrote two posts about it. L
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The first results once you start using the program will be no swollen eye lids in the morning. In case you
still do not use my program, you use the following easy recipe, it will help you but not on the long term.
Face gymnastics is the only natural way to solve this problem for good.
100 ml of milk (in case you are vegan, you may use almond milk)
100 ml rice water
4 table spoons of aloa vera juice
Mix well all the ingredients, pour into molds and put in the freezer. Every morning use the preparation
on a clean face. Massage your face with it, let it dry, rinse it with water, dry your face with a clean towel
and put on your usual day cream.
This is my own recipe, I made it. You may use it in case you are not allergic to the given ingredients.
Enjoy, be beautiful, nourished and healthy.