Iva’s magical tricks

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Are you enjoying autumn?
This period of year, while I was a kid, was always the period of year when I was enjoying long walks on the rain. Autumn in Belgrade has always remined me of summer that has pass and somehow it was inviting winter and snow to come. It was magical for me. Iva would put on me my rain coat and plastic boots and we would leave for an adventure. We would walk, jump in the ponds and we would really enjoy the long walks. Kalemegdan parc, Topcider park….Every walk was the opportunity for her to share with me some nice stories, to share a secret with me or some nice memories. Sunday morning was reserved for a fresh food market. In autumn market was full of different colors, vegetables and fruits and every product could be used for making different delicious meals as well as for beauty masks. She used to say: “Food is for the body and for the soul as well “. She was the best cook ever, she was making the best food I have ever tasted but she was also using all the products to make a beauty masks. She was saying that a woman when she takes care of herself she takes care of her soul as well. She was sure that a woman takes care of herself as much as she respects herself.

To nourish yourself, doesn’t mean to spend hours in the bathroom, no. It is enough to spend just a little bit of time for ourselves. Everything in life is a matter of priority. Will you call a friend and “cry” about life situations or will you spend that time for yourself? As I said, it is a matter of life choices and priority.
Iva loved to add to every beauty mask some olive oil. Once, she confessed to me that as a little girl she believed in the magical power of olive oil. On every little wound she would add some olive oil and she was sure that knees of one naughty little girl were saved by olive oil. Later, when she grew a little bit she used olive oil for her lashes and eyebrows every night. Also, she always added some olive oil to her hair color. I took over from her this passion for olive oil and I use it every time I can.
Olive oil, an elixir of youth and beauty, I dedicated one post.


Today I will share with you one of Iva’s magical tricks. Of course, one of the ingredients is olive oil. In this recipe you will learn how easy it is to be nourished, connected with nature and in the same time be beautiful.
Every morning, mix well the juice of half of a fresh lemon with one table spoon of olive oil and drink it. This unbelievable drink will improve the condition of your skin, also since lemon and olive oil are natural products and gifts of nature, your health will be improved as well. Try this easy recipe and please let me know about the results.
Be beautiful, healthy and nourished-)))