Rose water and how to use it during the winter

Hello my dear friends, how are you? I hope you are enjoying autumn. The colors of nature in this period of the year, inspire me, make me go back in time, back to my childhood, in days when I was allowed to play with bottles of essential oils, oils, perfumes…and among them, bottle with rose water. Beside olive oil and lavender essential oil, rose water was one of the ingredients that marked my childhood when I started learning about natural cosmetics as well as started making it. The opportunity to touch all of those bottles containing all those exotic smells, for me was very special. I remember every moment when I was allowed to touch and smell those bottles containing a real “treasure”. That treasure for me was like the “forbidden fruit”. In Iva’s apartment, right next to the entrance on the right side was the storage room with lots of shelves filled with all those beautiful bottles. Just by walking into the apartments, this beautiful smell welcomed us. For me, it was pure love sent. Even now, after so many years, I still remember the sent, I can still smell it and I remember every moment I was allowed to touch some of the bottles. Also, I remember when she explained to me how to use essential oils and the use for each one of them. I remember all of it, also the moment when she told me I have enough knowledge to use them all by myself and that I know more than she does. Even though, I was still a teenager I was rewarded with a pass for this wonderful world that I was wishing for a long time. When I was allowed to go inside the storage room, every single time I touched those bottles, it would return me to the time I was sitting on the flour and looking with admiration to those bottles, to this treasure.
I already wrote about rose water:

Rose water

During spring and summer, I always have rose water in my bag. It is really a gift nature gave us. I spray it regularly and I enjoy it. However, it is not recommended to use it that way when it is cold outside. Water on our skin combined with the wind can damage our skin. It does not mean that we cannot use it during winter time. All gifts of nature are simple to use. I have a mixed type of skin with a really oily T zone, but during the winter, I discovered that my skin is changing due to the weather and my age as well. During winter, the lotion I make is too strong for my skin, it dries my skin. That is why I found a good solution. I use rose water as face lotion. It keeps my skin clean and it makes it more hydrated. After the lotion, I use an anti-aging serum and day or night cream, day or night depending of the time of the day. Beside the fact that my skin is much more beautiful, I noticed that my skin absorbs the cream better.
I highly recommend to you to use rose water, no matter what skin type you have.
Enjoy and be beautiful, healthy and nourished.