Natural “botox” mask

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Several days ago, while I was invited in a TV show I had the opportunity, to discover a great treasure that we all have but that unfortunately we do not respect as we should. Believe it or not, I speak about time. When I am in contact with my clients, I often hear the sentence “I do not have time”. They say they don’t have time but they write long e-mails, online social media messages, text messages, etc… Sometimes I need more than 10minutes to read each of them and I can only imagine how long it takes to write them. How much time do they need to write those e-mails? A lot of time I believe and instead of writing and complaining that they have no time, they can just use this time for themselves and try the program ‘’La vie sans rides’’ or to prepare a lotion, a pilling, a creme or to do something  else nice for themselves. In that case, I am sure, the message would be “I did everything as I should and I had enough time”. To be honest, I know this from my personal experience, not long ago, I was the one that had “no time” and then I realized, I spent my time on futile things.

Today, I will share with you, how to make a face mask for express rejuvenation. We can say that it is a natural botox mask. Let do something nice for us and use our time in a smart way.


4 spirulina tablets

2 tea spoons of Greek yogurt

1 egg white or in case you have dry skin use 1 egg yolk

2 tea spoons of rice flower


Melt spirulina tablets in some lukewarm water. Whisk egg white (or yolk in case your skin is dry) and mix well with the rest of the ingredients. At the end add spirulina. Mix it well and apply the mask on your clean face, neck and cleavage. Relax and leave it on for about 20 minutes.  After that, wash it off with clean water and use your usual cream.

Be beautiful, healthy, nourished and use your time wisely for yourself.