Universal mask

Hello my dear friends, how are you? Today I prepared for you a universal skin and hair care. Believe it or not with this you can either take care of your face, your body or your hair. I recommend you this treatment except if you are allergic to one or several ingredients. You will be satisfied with the effects of this treatment. I use it on a regular basis especially when my children don’t finish their banana. Since bananas are caloric, I prefer to use the left overs instead of eating them as many do to avoid to throw in garbage. Here is a solution for you. Keep in mind that spring is nearly here and then summer. Each kilo you gain during winter will be difficult to get read of after. This treatment is ideal for this period of the year because of its hydrating power of the skin.


You will need ½ banana and one spoon of coconut oil. Mix them well, the best will be with a mixer. Apply the treatment on your clean skin and leave it for at least 25 minutes. Longer you leave it, better it is. On the hair leave it at least for 45 minutes.

Then wash it off with lukewarm water and apply your usual cream on your skin.

 You now have again an easy recipe simple to make.

Be beautiful, be healthy and take care of yourselves.

SEE YOU -)))