Vitamin C

Hello, my dear friends, how are you? After December’s party time, all of us are getting back to our usual activities. December is my favorite time of the year, I admit, it can be really exhausting. Too many invitations for enjoying this time of the year, it is all about holidays. January is something else. Most of the people spend most of their free time at home. So, it is just the right time to do something for yourself.
Today, in this post, we will speak again about vitamin C and how important it is for our health. Several times, I wrote that only healthy skin can be beautiful. In one of my previous posts, I gave you my recipe for vitamin C serum which is important for the health of our skin.


Also, I did for you a little home experiment to show you how important vitamin C is for our skin.


Today, I will share with you one very easy recipe, available to all of us, and it will give us a sufficient quantity of vitamin C, to be exact, to our skin. All you will need is one grapefruit. I spoke about grapefruit in one of my first interviews. I use it after both of mine pregnancies when I wanted to get rid of weight excess.
Today I will share with you, how can you use grapefruit in your everyday face routine. You just need a little bit of fresh grapefruit juice and to apply it on your clean face. Massage your face well for about one minute and then wash it with cold water. Then apply your usual day cream, let your skin absorb it and you are ready to go. In case you are using make up regularly, just continue as usual.
This way, you will provide your skin some vitamin C and it is easy to do.
You may use this recipe in case you are not allergic to grapefruit. Avoid to put the juice in your eyes. In case of itching wash your eyes with clear water.
Be Beautiful, in good health and be nourished
SEE YOU -)))