Hello my dear friends, how are you? Today, in this post I will write about one really cheap product. This product has its place in cosmetics, it is efficient and can be used in different ways. Probably, because of its low price, this product is often kind of denigrated. You probably guess it until now, I will write about Vaseline. Vaseline can be used in different situations as when your have problem with crack lips, heels, hands…Also, you can use it as primer for perfume. If you use Vaseline before perfume, smell will be more intensive but also not everything from perfume will end up in your blood stream. Remember that? Several times, I wrote that all we put on our skin 60% of it ends in our blood in 30 seconds. Beside all of this, you can really use Vaseline in so many different ways. I will mention two more ways. If you color your hair by yourself, you probably did face color spots after you finished. Well Vaseline can be of a great help to remove stains from your skin, personally I prefer to use it around the hair line before starting with color.
On my blog, in one of my previous posts, you may find anti- aging night cream, and one of the main ingredients is Vaseline. Here is the link with the recipe for this cream :

Anti – aging night cream

You can also easily make Vaseline at home.
57g of clean BIO bee wax
240g of oil
Melt the bee wax and add oil. Be careful not all oils, even the extra virgin bio oils, can stand the increase in temperature and become dangerous for our health. I highly recommend you coconut or colza oil. With this homemade Vaseline you can take off your make as well.
That is all for today. Enjoy yourself.
Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.