Limun 2Hello there my dear once. How are you? Autumn is definitely here. It is time to give more attention to our skin. Sun, sea, hot weather during the summer has left marks on our skin. Among all this, most of us do not take good care of skin during the hot and long summer. During the summer, we are always in a hurry and we leave things “for tomorrow”. In this post I would like to share with you one of my ideas that will make your stay at home during the winter, much easier. Make a list of the things you would like to do for yourself, your body and your skin and start working on it. Make a challenge and just do it. I picked up for me 28 days challenge that burned Internet. In one of my recent posts I told you how important is vitamin C and also I left recipe for you how to make a vitamin C serum. Also in one interview for the daily newspaper Kurir (Serbian newspaper) I mentioned how important this vitamin is. Let me repeat again, vitamin C is one very important antioxidant and it is the most important element in anti-aging process. You should use the vitamin C serum once a day, during your regular morning skin care and you will have active effect in the next 24 h. What do you think of that? Let’s get back to the challenge. I started mine, last week, today it is my 5th day of it and I have 23 more to go. Of course, you may do this on regular basis but to see the results, you need to do it at least 28 days in the row. Limun 1Well, how this challenge works? Every morning as a first thing you need to drink one glass of warm water mixed with the juice of half of a lemon. Also, you can use lemon peel. I recommend you to use organic lemon. Put lemon peel in drinking water and leave it there until the next morning. This water is excellent and you should wash your face with it. And now, you probably want to know what are the results of this challenge? This drink will clean your liver, it will help you to get ride of the toxins from your body, it will boost your immune system and will help your skin to be clean and healthy. Do not forget the golden rule – IF YOU WANT TO BE BEAUTIFUL YOU HAVE TO BE HEALTHY AS WELL!!! The lemon peel water will give to your skin a better shine and skin will be smooth and soft. This is a great ritual for your teenagers with skin problems as well. I used the trick with lemon peel water a long time ago when I have face breakdowns. For me it was a great way to clean my face. Among with my morning drink, I use lemon peel water as well and I will inform you of the results.




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