Avocado mask

AVOCADOIf God himself has planted a super fruit, it will be avocado for sure. This piece of nature, better say- a piece of miracle that nature has to offer to us, contains around 20 different vitamins and minerals. If we include avocado in our regular nutrition as a result we get higher levels of fiber, more vitamins E and K, as well as magnesium and potassium. Nutritionists usually say that avocado based on it’s composition and the quantity od vegetable oil in avocado, gives us the feeling of satiaty so it is very good in weight losing process. Also, they say that regular dish that incudes avocado increases levels of alpha and beta carotene. Avocado is great to prevent cancer because of the power to stop cancer cells to grow, it protects our hart and cardiovascular system. I mentioned to you several times how important it is to apply on our skin only things that we can eat. Avocado face mask is a wonderful anti-aging agent . It makes our skin soft, elastic and glowing. This mask is so efficient that even smokers by using this mask can loose the specific “smoking” color of the skin. Do not forget “the golden rule”- WHAT YOU CAN NOT EAT, DO NOT APPLY ON YOUR SKIN.


1 Piece of avocado

1 tea spoon of Greek yogurt

1 tea spoon of honey

Mix it well and apply it on clean face, neck and cleavage. Leave it for about 20 min and wash it off with warm water. Apply some face cream and leave it on so skin can soak it good.

And at the end, as always I wish you to be healthy, beautiful and see you soon. SEE YOU SOON-)))



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