Face oil as cream and how to use it

Hello, my dear friends, how are you? I hope you tried the face mask that I recommended to you in my previous post. Today, we will continue to speak about easy skin care at home using natural ingredients, stuff that we have in our own kitchen. Modern trends all over the World recommend us to reunite with nature. Nature is perfect itself, and has an answer to any of our questions. I was inspired for this post by two wonderful ladies, two cousins, Vanja and Aleksandra. Both have little babies and they breastfeed them. So it is important for them what they use on their skin. Until now, I mentioned several times that all we apply on our skin within 30 seconds 60% of it ends up in our blood stream. In case you have a baby and you breastfeed them, you are responsible not only for yourself but your baby as well. What enters a mother’s body, ends up in the baby’s body as well. This oil that can be used instead of regular face cream, can be used by anyone, personally, I use it as a day face cream. Depending of your type of skin, and what your skin needs, you can use like me this oil as a substitute for face night cream as well. First I will write the recipe and then I will explain how it can be used.
To make this oil is very simple. In case you never tried to nourish yourself with oils, for you the most complicated part will be to decide which oil to use. I always say, and I will repeat once again – ask your skin. Our skin knows what is best for it. For beginning, you may try some “light” oils as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or grape seed oil. Personally, for this moisturizer I use a combination of olive and sweet almond oil. You may also try with coconut oil as well. The recipe is as follows: in one table spoon of oil add 2 drops of essential oil. Also, a very important thing is the choice of the essential oil.
In case you breastfeed your baby, do not use any essential oil. But in case your baby is six months old or more, you may use lavender essential oil or chamomile essential oil. When you decide which oil to use, you need to be aware that every essential oil has its own purpose and can be photo toxic. Lavender essential oil, beside the fact that it is safe to use, can be applied directly on our skin without any harm. Of course, in case you are not allergic to it.
How to use this moisturizer?
In the morning, first wash your face. I use a combination of two methods, oil cleansing method and honey washing method. I wrote about them. Let’s remind you:


Honey face wash

After face washing, use a face lotion. My choice is, rose water.

Rose water and how to use it during the winter

Once you clean your skin with rose water, spray a little bit on your skin and while it is still wet rub a drop or two of your lotion and leave it for about 10 minutes to be absorbed. After that, you can do your regular make up routine. Do not worry, this lotion won’t leave your skin oily.
Be beautiful, healthy and nourished.