Rose oil

Hello my dear friends, how are you? If you follow me regularly, you already know that empress Theodora is my favorite historical figure and that I admire her so much. In one of my previous posts I have published a recipe for a homemade cream she was using.


Empress Theodora was a really nourished lady. She was spending long hours in her home spa. One of her favorite rituals was a rose oil massage. She was enjoying it so much that history will remember her as a lady with a little strange last wish. Her wish was to get her body massaged with rose oil once more before her funeral.
To be precise, the kind of rose oil she was using is the result of rose maceration. That kind of oil is made with plants by macerating part of it in stable oils, usually in virgin olive or sweet almond oil. One of the most popular oils in cosmetics is rose oil. In case, you have roses that are not chemically treated, you may try to make rose oil at home. It is really easy.
40g rose petals
400 ml oil (I use virgin olive oil BIO)
Wash petals of rose, dry them well. Add rose petals into a glass jar and fill it up with oil. Leave it on the Sunlight for 40 days. After that, strain oil through clean cloth.
Rose oil is often used in cosmetics. You may use it in your home made creams, as massage oil and few drops of essential rose oil can be used as face serum. Use this oil within 6 months.
Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.