Nina’s shampoo

Hello my dear friends, how are you today? Officially, spring has come. After this long winter, because we wore heavy closes and the fact that we didn’t always eat healthy food, it is now the right time for detoxification. We need to clean our body but we must do something for our skin and hair as well. Most of the time when I share beauty secrets with you, I talk about face. Well, today I will talk about hair. During winter, we wear hats and different accessories on our head so, our hair is damaged.  In case you have oily hair, like me, your problem is bigger because you need to be careful what you use for your hair. Usually with the shampoo for which I give the recipe today, I use my favorite hair mask. You can find the link below:

A journalist in Serbia gave me this recipe several weeks ago, and I use it since then. I am very pleased with the results so I would like to share it with you. Be careful, you must wash it well and in case you are blonde (if you treat your hair or dye your hair in blond), this recipe is not for you.


There are no measures for this shampoo. Take a little bit of medical baking soda, little bit of panthenol solution, a little bit of your regular shampoo and few drops of lavender oil. Mix together and Wash your hair as usual. Then use your conditioner after as you would normally do.

This shampoo will help you clean deep your hair and it is one of the recipes I particularly like.

Enjoy -)))

Be beautiful, nourished and healthy.