Dark circles under eyes


Hello my dear friends, how are you? Spring is here, nature is getting so pretty, days are longer, everything is so beautiful but there is something that comes along with spring that is not so nice. During the winter, our body is getting along with weather conditions just like we do, and then when spring comes we may feel  tired. Also in the morning we get up with those ugly bags under our eyes. Not  very pleasent and pretty. Also you may feel  that your eyelids are heavy . Can we do something  about it? Yes we can and it is so easy to get rid of it.

Believe it or not, this kind of problem can be solved in few minutes and there are two ways to deal with it. You will need eather raw potato or used tea bags. In case you go chose the potato, you will need one potato, uncooked always in your friyider. In the morning cut two potato disks and put over your eye for about 10 minutes. After that you may continue with your normal morning face routine and in the end your make up.

In case you do not have potatos, used tea bags will do the same, just be careful, they need to cool down before useing it. Skin in this part of our face is very sensitive. Add luke warm tea bags on your eyes and keep them for about 10 minutes. Take it of and countinue with normal skin morning routine and make up routine.

And for the end of this post, one more little trick. Night anti-aging serum, based  on sweet almond oil ( you have the recipe on the blog, as well) will be of great help not only for dark circles under  eyes but for little wrinkels as well. Add a little bit of serum and let your skin to absorb it. After that add some consiler, but not too much and avoide the part right under eye lashes. With this trick you will look fresh.

And that is all for today, for this post. You do not forget to be healthy, beautiful and nourished.